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SEPT 2021

Farmoor Reservoir

A Foggy drive through the Oxfordshire countryside. A hearty full English breakfast, a chance to catch up with friends followed by a day’s fishing. What a wonderful way to spend a day!

JUNE 2021

John O'Gaunt

Well what a fine day we were treated to at John O Gaunt, the weather really could not have been finer and we were treated to the sight of water sprays on the lower lake for the first time…

MAY 2021


Considering it was a midweek outing a great turnout of 12 members, and 2 guests attended. Debbie at the Waterside Café kindly opened early for us to have breakfast, which was excellent

and set us up for the day…

MAY 2021

Lakedown Trout Fishery

Members arrived at 8am by which time the heaviest of the rain had eased. Egg & bacon baps, tea & coffee accompanied a briefing by Ted the bailiff who suggested intermediate lines would be best…

MAY 2021

Rockbourne Social Club Outing

A brief report from the Day Captain of our first social club outing of 2021…

Bill and a superb rainbow trout.jpg
APRIL 2021

Avon Springs

Our first meeting of the year after a weary period of lockdown…

Screenshot 2020-12-18 at 15.51.54.png
DEC 2020

Avon Springs

The day, after a very grey December was spectacularly bright and not too cold…

SEPT 2020


First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed the club’s first visit to Rockbourne in 15 years or so…

JOG 13 Jun 20 (52).jpg
JUNE 2020

John O'Gaunts

we were delighted to be able to go fishing again when some of the lockdown measures were eased in May…

MARCH 2020

Duncton Mill

Having had Lechlade cancelled due to the recent storms it was good to at last have our first outing of the season.…

Tributes to Absent Friends

This year has been very sad with the loss of Kevin Doherty in March, and Godfrey Cotton in July and more recently Eddie Edwards earlier in December, they always fished with a smile.

DEC 2019

Avon Springs

Having endured freezing temperatures earlier in the week, and heavy rain two days later the gods smiled on us, and we had perfect fishing weather for this the last outing of the season…

Joes 6lb 6oz Rainbow IMG_0351.jpg
NOV 2019

Meon Springs

This has become an event in honour of our past Chairman George who frequently enjoyed large bright and garish lures that he bragged always caught at Meon.…

OCT 2019

Duncton Mill

Despite the dire forecast of rain, rain and more rain, the legend of The South Downs rain shadow did us proud. … 

JUNE 2019

John O'Gaunt

Flaming June has been flaming wet, but for this outing it was a beautiful day, could it be summer has arrived?  20 of us met at the Crown Inn for an excellent breakfast, then off to the fishery. …

MAY 2019


The day got off to a start with breakfast at the Farmoor Sailing Club where a choice of breakfast was served. This was our Club’s first visit for a while to this reservoir…

APRIL 2019

Avon Springs

It was raining cats, and dogs on the journey down, and to say the least rather windy. As we tackled up the rain eased off, and by the time we had finished breakfast it had stopped…

MARCH 2019

Duncton Mill

My first trouting trip out for 2019, the day started with a fine spring morning drive across country to Duncton…

FEB 2019


A cracking season with 8 doubles brought to the scales.  The weather promised fair for the first outing for 2019, and fair it was…

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