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December 2020 Match Report


The day, after a very grey December was spectacularly bright and not too cold, typically 6-10C

with a light occasionally gusty breeze, just enough for a good ripple. Fish seemed to not be rising

so were estimated to be towards the bottom half of the lakes, around a metre down. The fishery

were great in providing hot bacon and sausage rolls, a welcome treat after a long drive. Members

behaved well in socially distancing and wearing masks when not eating. In these exceptional and

stressful times it was a small price to pay to be out and fishing again!..."

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September 2020 Match Report


“ First of all, I hope everyone enjoyed the club’s first visit to Rockbourne in 15 years or so. I’ve been

suggesting Rockbourne as an option for a little while, so it was finally good to go there.

I was first introduced to Rockbourne four or five years ago and have been a regular there for the

past season or so. Above anything else I just love the setting, such a beautiful place to spend time.

Gin clear lakes (usually) set amongst mature trees and well-maintained banksides, supporting a rich

abundance of insect and other wildlife (who saw the kingfishers?).  Covid has brought some

changes to the way we live, and perhaps now more than ever I welcome the chance to leave the

grey of suburbia and spend a few hours in somewhere as stunning as Rockbourne...."

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June 2020 Match Report


“ I know we were delighted to be able to go fishing again when some of the lockdown

measures were eased in May, and as we had already booked John O Gaunt for 13th June

we decided, if we could get close to the minimum of 20 anglers to attend we would go

ahead, with what would be just the second outing of the year. Well we surpassed that

figure, and 22 of us, including two guests came along.

We could not have picked a better day weather wise, dry, warm, and a gentle breeze.

Socially distanced we all met at 9am for a 9.40 start. The fishery was divided into four

zones, and everyone had a 40 minute session in each of the zones till 12.20, and then

free roaming till 1pm when we stopped for lunch. Free roaming resumed after lunch till

the weigh in....."

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March 2020 Match Report


“Having had Lechlade cancelled due to the recent storms it was good to at last have our first outing of the season. In view of the early signs of the Corona Virus we asked everyone attending to follow the advice of hand washing, not shaking hands etc. I must thank all 15 who attended for their

cooperation with this, and to Martin, and Caroline for my request to remove the cloth hand towels, and providing paper ones, and plenty of hand wash soap.


Following a welcoming cup of coffee, and a biscuit it was time to start fishing. With just 15 of us, and plenty of room over the 3 lakes I decided to make it a relaxing a day as possible...."

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December 2019 Match Report


“Having endured below freezing temperatures earlier in the week, and heavy rain two days later the gods smiled on us, and we had perfect fishing weather for this our last outing of the season. 22 of us enjoyed a hearty breakfast prior to starting fishing at 9.30. Guest, past Chairman Mike Stephens, having burst a tyre the previous evening managed to get to us around 11.30 so then we were 23.

We divided the fishery into three zones that we would each fish once for 35 minutes, catch just one fish from a zone, and move to your next zone when the hooter went. Within minutes fish were coming to the net from every zone, and to a variety of flies including Damsels, Cats Whiskers, Black, and green combinations etc etc...."

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November 2019 Match Report


“I arrived at Meon on a bright autumnal morning full of expectation for a good days fishing with fellow SMFF Members. The weather was very calm with temperature hovering around 4oC and little or no wind through the day.


Following ample Tea and coffees we started fishing at 9am for the George Wilding Trophy. This has become an event in honour of our past Chairman George who frequently enjoyed large bright and garish lures that he bragged always caught at Meon. To that end we were each gratefully supplied a Carl Bolding Special fly (not yet officially named) comprising of a short size 12 hook with a Goldhead and wide mix of predominately silver holographic tinsel...."

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October 2019 Match Report


“Well despite the dire forecast of rain, rain and more rain, the legend of The South Downs rain shadow did us proud. The weather for the day held good, with only a few outbreaks of the lightest drizzle, and the lightest of breezes blowing the lightest of ripples across Rosies Lake. That is until just after three when the end of the day was sounded when the heavens started to open – what more could we have asked for!..."

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June 2019 Match Report


“Flaming June has been flaming wet, but for this outing it was a beautiful day, could it be summer has arrived?  20 of us met at the Crown Inn for an excellent breakfast, then off to the fishery. The fishery was divided into four zones, and everyone would fish each zone once for 35 minutes. I still find it amazing that one or two anglers are unable to read the zone plan. One member said to me “I don’t know where my partner is, we elected to fish each zone together, but I haven’t seen him at all”. No names mentioned...."

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May 2019 Match Report


The day got off to a start with Members turning up for breakfast at the Farmoor Sailing

Club where a choice of breakfast was served. This was our Club’s first visit for a while to

this reservoir, often described as a large concrete bowl. The pairing of the members for

boat partners had already been set. Our 11 members complemented by 5 guests turned up

to fish on what proved to be a fine day.  A 6 fish ticket followed by catch and release was the order of the day, so a day of great anticipation was begun. It did not take long before the first of the eight boats were off with others following. ...."

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April 2019 Match Report


“For everyone it was raining cats, and dogs on the journey down, and to say the least rather windy. As

we tackled up the rain eased off, and by the time we had finished the usual excellent breakfast it had

stopped. Believe it, or not we did not have any rain for the rest of the day, and even a little sunshine.

Prior to setting off fishing we spent a quiet moment of reflection in memory of Kevin who passed away

on the 21st April. Avon Springs was one of his favourite places. He will be sadly missed...."

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March 2019 Match Report


“Well being my first trouting trip out for 2019, the day started with a

fine spring morning drive across country to Duncton via

Fernhurst, Midhurst and Petworth. Upon arrival had my hand

almost crushed during the warm welcome that other club members

provided upon seeing me for the first time in some four months. A

very timely reminder as to quite why I joined on the first place.

Thanks gents it's great to be back..."

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February 2019 Match Report


“A cracking season with 8 doubles brought to the scales.  The weather promised fair for the first outing for 2019, and fair it was. The unseasonably mild weather lasted throughout the day; a little short on breeze perhaps. We foregathered as normal, tackled up, warm drink and biscuits, a quick welcome to the members and our guests for the day from Croxley Green, a briefing for the day and a photo call, and we were on the water for 8:45am as planned..."

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November 2018 Match Report


“Not such a big a gap this time as it has been just a few weeks since we met at Meon Springs in October. This was however the changed November meeting, with a wished for improvement in the weather it promised to be a good day for fishing.


We gathered as planned at about 8 am with tea & coffee etc provided by fishery owner Martin. Sadly Michael Littlestone was indisposed and could not be with us, this also prevented Godfrey, who was hitching a lift with him from joining us for the day. The final number of members and guest for the day was 16, including 4 guests. (We look forward to welcoming our new friend’s back to our future venues in the coming year)...."

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October 2018 Match Report


“It had been four months since our last outing so it was good to be out fishing again with the club. With so many fisheries not back to normal due to the water temperatures still being too warm, spring fed Meon Springs was fishable.

Despite a rain shower first thing it turned out to be a beautiful day with afternoon temperatures in the low 20’s. We were pleased to welcome Bill, and Al Logan who, earlier this year had expressed their interest in joining the club, also Alan Butler, a guest of Dave Broome, and Ian Kelly a guest of Vic Holloway on his second outing with us..."

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June 2018 Match Report


“Our day commenced with a wonderful breakfast at the Crown Inn, Kings Sombourne. “A great way to start the day”.  As we were fishing today for The John Fullers Pairs Trophy it was important that I had all the pairs rules sheets sorted in preparation for the day’s festivities. Unfortunately between printing them all off and the final count on the day I had to change pairings around twice, apologies to members for any confusion or discomfort as a result, especially if your partner changed and he won with his new partner, sorry for possible spoiler!..."

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 May 2018 Match Report


“Another milestone for St Michael Fly Fishers. Exciting be be fishing at AVIGNON at long last! Must be more than a dozen years since I fished here last and probably the longest journey for some of us - but mostly motorway to make it easier to arrive for our8:30am start. The weather man was spot on with good weather for our forecast which managed to hold on until the rain arrived late afternoo ..."

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 April 2018 Match Report


“Driving towards Avon towards the dense fog on Saturday morning, while following distant red lights of the vehicle in front. The thought of the days fishing ahead was somewhat lost on me. Snow at Duncan Mill, fog at Avon springs - whatever next? Well what followed after a foggy start was almost sun sunbathing weather with topcoats, jumpers and fleeces being discarded around the lakes ..."

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 March 2018 Match Report


“The “MINI BEAST FROM THE EAST” was waiting for us as we opened the curtains on this cold

March morning. Still it was not enough to prevent 15 brave members from making their way to Duncton Mill for what proved a challenge in more ways than one. Michael Littlestone was our

day captain and following is his account of the day...."

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February 2018 Match Report


“A cold start to the day. A good breakfast in very comfortable surroundings. A chance to catch up with old friends. A shared fishing story or two. Then back to the serious business of fishing. 

I think it fair to say that first thing in the morning the wind was biting rather more than the fish, confirming the old adage, ‘WHEN THE WIND’S IN THE EAST THE FISH BITE THE LEAST’..."

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December 2017 Match Report


“The expression 'brass moneys' came to mind as we put our rods up on a cold December morning. The day started with a few shocks to the system. My alarm ringing at 5:30am was the first, scraping ice from the car windscreen was the second, and stepping out of a warm car at the fishery was the third. I was so pleased that I had packed my winter fox hat (there is a joke in here for Kevin) and a few hand warmers. A few members who had poked fun at my fox hat were soon asking how much it would cost to buy it from me. As the day was a no competition day there is no Captains Report in this newsletter..."

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November 2017 Match Report


“Every time I come here it’s raining”, were the words that greeted me as a full team of 21 met in the car park to tackle up. True, we started in fairly heavy drizzle which culminated in a downpour at 10.30 as we sheltered in the well-appointed lodge having our hearty breakfast. Thankfully thereafter the clouds lifted and the air lightened as we progressed through the day. Over the first coffee we learnt of the plan; split into the usual 3 groups and fish an allocated zone rotating on the hooter. The difference was we fished a specific Montana for the first three changes until breakfast time. A prize was awarded for the heaviest fish caught in that period. The honours went to Martin Eastment who pipped David Broome, by half an ounce, with a fish of 8lb 15oz..."

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October 2017 Match Report


"The Club were warmly welcomed by the Meon Springs Fishery staff and started the day with hot beverages and a rather superior class of biscuit. It was a little disappointing that only 16 members could make the day but this allowed us to spread widely as we had the main lake to ourselves for the day.

We began with what is becoming a tradition; fishing a fly our late Chairman George would have been proud to have in his tackle bag. Dubbed the ‘Concept Budgie’ this fly due, to fishery rules, was tied on a size 10 which was just as well as our Secretary’s car boot would not have held 16 of George’s usual anchor size hooks...'

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September 2017 Match Report


"The bright sunny morning started with a wonderful hearty breakfast at the Swan Hotel, we then adjourned to the fishery where the conditions continued to be very bright and sunny with a temperature of 14-17C and little or no wind. As this is a very secluded venue with gin clear water it was important to spread the fish caught around all the members, to that end we decided to split the venue into 3 zones with six moves in total through to lunch at 1pm...'

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April 2017 Match Report


"The rather foggy drive to the fishery was soon forgotten after a good breakfast, it was then down to the serious business of catching fish. Avon Springs as always throws up a surprise or two, with the smaller lake unfishable at the start of the day due to weed bloom, a quick reshuffle of the day’s rules meant the committee members and three volunteers stood back on the first session. Richard Harrison was our Day Captain, the following is his account of the day...'

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March 2017 Match Report


The day started cloudy and grey with an unseasonably warm temperature of 11 C. This rose once the sun broke through mid morning to 16 C.


I was accompanied for the first time in 6 months by our honourable Treasurer Kevin Doherty who is about to start his chemotherapy and was looking forward to seeing you all and grabbing some fresh air. He was warmly welcomed by everyone and we all wish him a successful recovery...'

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February 2017 Match Report


'​A Wheelbarrow day for `Jugs'! 


Our easily awaited first outing of the new season saw only 18 members attending which was somewhat disappointing.

A cloudy morning with a stiff south westerly breeze were not ideal conditions, however hopes of a good day remained high. We fished each of the zones before breakfast - 35 minutes per zone. While some were into fish immediately, others struggled...'

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December 2016 Match Report


'​In eager anticipation of our last outing of 2016, most anglers arrived at Lechlade in the dark, before 7:30am, the car park can let a bit busy but it was still dry when we arrived. The water temperature, we were advised was just under 7 celsius, with the air temperature at 11 c, so conditions were set well for what should have been a plentiful days fishing...'

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November2016 Match Report

‘Why does it always rain on me –when we come to Dever’ was the almost universal lament first thing in the morning. There was no doubt that it was one of the wettest days the club had experienced this season. However, although the sun’s marmalade fingers never quite got to poke through the grey and the drizzle to spread any warmth, the far end of Willow Lake was spreading a lot of happiness in the shape of some good fish. There seemed to be quite a hotspot and where there’s a hot spot there’s a queue of anglers to jump in as soon as a fish is landed...  


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October 2016 Match Report

As a newly anointed committee member it was my privilege to be the day Captain for the SMFF day at Avon Springs.


23 Anglers met for breakfast with the weather slightly overcast and drizzly, however this would not dampen any spirits and everyone was raring to get fishing on the beautiful lakes...  


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September 2016 Match Report

As Day Captain it was a pleasure visiting Chalk Springs after a few years absence. The weather was a little erratic gusty breeze (15-25mph) mostly cloudy and temperatures of 19-20C.


As part of my day captains duties, I explained that this would be a difficult venue as the water throughout is gin clear and if we could see the countless fish they could see us, it was very well stocked... 


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July 2016 Match Report


The day got off to a great start with a Hearty and pleasant breakfast at the Grosvenor Hotel, unfortunately we were originally promised a speedy buffet breakfast so this delayed us getting away until 9am, sorry guys we will try to ensure this does not happen again. 


Following breakfast in Stockbridge we made our way to JOG. After the brief, briefing we got off to a fine days fishing with the fishery split into 3 zones. Main lake zones 1 & 2 and the smaller Spring lake as Zone 3...


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February & March 2016 Match Report


With both Joe, and myself being away, it was all down to Kevin to handle the day. From what I hear he performed admirably. Now you know Kevin what I go through at each outing! A great turn out once again with 20 members, and 1 guest attending. Yet again, another good raffle, thanks guys for your support. As usual Martin, and Ian from Duncton looked after us well, not only with providing us with excellent food, and an all day supply of tea, coffee etc, but in particular Ian who spent time with every member giving valuable advice which helped many of them catch...


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December 2015 Match Report


I can remember last year’s outing, freezing cold. What a change this year, Spring like temperatures, pouring rain on the way to Lechlade, giving way to a mainly dry day, even some weak sunshine, then later on a strong wind. However 21 members, and 2 guests came along to enjoy a relaxed non-competition NO PRESSURE days fishing. All looking forward to the chance of catching their limit, and hopefully some good doubles...


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November 2015 Match Report


Another great venue in our 2015 Calendar full of great expectation and hope, shame the weather once again did not oblige. Started dry but after completing the captains briefing the weather opened up with squally drizzly showers for most of the day. The venue was split into three zones main lake zone 1 and 3 with the smaller top lake as zone 2. We kicked off at 8.30 with three moves at 40 minute intervals the weather proved to be difficult to say the least with only about 20 fish caught in the first period before our very welcome 10.30 breakfast...


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October 2015 Match Report


Now before I (Hon Sec) insert his report, this was my highlight of the season. George having spotted a big fish was unable to get it to take his fly, probably, or should I say more likely, it was one of his hideous ones. He was however kind enough to point out this fish, so I followed it along the bank casting my very small PTN towards it. Second cast it grabbed it. Who had to net it, GW. He slowly turned a whiter shade of pale as it came to the net. Need I say more...


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June 2015 Match Report


As always our yearly visit to John O Gaunt during Mayfly time gives everyone a pretty good chance of catching his or her limit bag. Well not quite everyone on this occasion. Of the 21 anglers there were 11 limit bags, 5 with 3 fish, and 5 with 2 fish. Despite being in a hot spot, and receiving specific instructions from other members our esteemed Treasurer Kevin only managed 2 fish. It was good to see Dave Newman back with us following an operation for a broken hip, we tried to sit him down in one spot, but he was soon off hobbling round the lake, and managed to bag up...


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May 2015 Match Report


The second year SMMF have hosted Angus Campbell’s group of young anglers. A lot of new faces this time round, with a preponderance of girls from one school who actually have a fishing lesson at least once a week. In fact the girls caught more fish than the boys. What does that say? Our thanks to Geoff Brooks, and Angus for organising the day, and in particular those members who I pressganged into acting as coaches for each of the kids...


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April 2015 Match Report


What can I add to Bill’s excellent day captain’s report? Not much, other than to say I have never received so many positive comments regarding the day, some of which I see have been added to the Web Site forum. Take a look guys, and add your own if you so wish. To those of you that could not come you missed a good day out...


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March 2015 Match Report


Despite the endless road works on the M3 all twenty members managed to arrive in time, even Joe, and Kevin, must be that new car Joe, to partake in the excellent breakfast served up by Anna Maria, and her team. We were pleased to officially welcome our three new members from Croxley Green Fly Fishers being Carl Bolding, Ed Komoroski, and Dave Newman, and our latest new member Richard Harrison who came to us via our new web site...


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February 2015 Match Report


The day started bright, dry and early at 7.30! The weather was 50 shades of Grey but hearts minds and expectations were high, however the temperature was a balmy 8°C. We were also pleased to welcome three guests from Orvis to our first start of the year, hopefully they had a great day and may become future members...


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December 2014 Match Report


A cold start to the day.

A good breakfast in very comfortable surroundings.

A chance to catch up with old friends.

A shared fishing story or two...


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October 2014 Match Report


Another day at Avon Springs with fish a plenty for some.

The sound of shotguns did break into the tranquility of the day.

Some members thought it was George getting so desperate that

he had taken to blasting a fish or two out of the water. Gerry did

a great job as our Day Captain, the following is his report on 

the days proceedings...


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July 2014 Match Report


After a warm welcome and full English breakfast at the Crown Inn it was

only a short drive to John O' Gaunt to get down to the serious matter of

catching fish. Godfrey was our Day Captain.  The following is his account

of the day...


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