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  A Premier UK Club

Founded in 1987

December 2021 - Avon Springs

With a drop in overnight temperatures it was not surprising to see some ice on the water first thing but with little wind the conditions looked favourable for a good day’s fishing. To set us up for the day a full breakfast was served which was exceptional and well received. 

November 2021 - Meon Springs

Saturday 13 November, we fished for The George Wilding Memorial Trophy. Everyone was given the same fly, a Mini Lure, size 10 Silver

Flash (See Photo) to use during the first hour. Simple rule catch just one fish with this fly, return to the lodge, get it weighed in, and wait

till 10.00, when whoever had the biggest one would win the trophy. It certainly was a Magic fly, within minutes, maybe seconds, fish were

being caught. In fact, everyone caught a fish, first time ever!

October 2021 - Duncton Mill

Our first visit to Duncton Mill under its new management. An overcast day with some rain to start.  The fishing started slowly but picked up nicely as the day went on and the sun came out. The 16 of us whom attended had a really good day. Carole the new owner has made tremendous improvements as you can see from the photos, and most importantly is stocking fish minimum 2lbs which are not only in superb condition but gave a good account of themselves when trying to bring them to the net.

September 2021 - Farmoor

A welcome return to fishing after our summer break. A late change of venue and it was off to fish Farmoor Reservoir

A Foggy drive through the Oxfordshire countryside. A hearty full English breakfast, a chance to catch up with some old friends, followed by a day’s fishing. What a wonderful way to spend a day!

June 2021 - John O Gaunt

A fine day at John O Gaunt and we were treated to the sight and sound of water sprays on the lower lake for the first time. 

Despite familiarity with the venue, you never really know quite how matters are going to turn out. The front section of the lower lake, generally regarded as one of the ‘hot’ banks of the lake, this time failed to deliver, with only one or maybe two fish coming to the net along here during the day. However, the smaller, gin clear lake ran more or less to form, with areas around the springs attracting fish from the moment go.

May 2021 - Farmoor

A lovely warm day, but the fish were very deep. The takes were very aggressive often with the fish quickly rising to the surface and tail dancing before descending again.

May 2021 - Lakedown

Our first visit to Lakedown Trout Fishery situated in the secluded Wealden valley with scenic views and no visible sign of habitation.

It was very wet and was slow going to begin with, but we heeded The Lake Bailiff, Ted's advice of getting down to the fish which seemed to be the answer, and most of us were soon catching. The faithful Blue Flash Damsel did the damage, but a Cats Whisker appeared to be the best, fished very deep, with a slowish retrieve.

May 2021 - Rockbourne

Having missed so much fishing during the lockdowns we decided to arrange this club social trip. Although not enough for exclusivity 13 of us turned up on this beautiful, if a bit chilly, sunny Saturday morning.

April 2021 - Avon Springs

Our first meeting of the year after a weary period of lockdown was held at Avon Springs on 17th April 2021.

The day at the start was a little chilly but the sun came out and it quickly warmed us. After gorging on sausage and bacon baps we were eager to start fishing.

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