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Fishing together since 1987

As a club, SMFF recognise the sport of game fishing as a whole in this country very much depends upon the sports ability to actively engage budding young anglers onto the bank, and we commit to actively playing a part in recruiting new anglers, not only with a view to attaining new members ourselves, but by generally introducing those, perhaps hitherto, unsighted people, into our fine sport. After all what better way to spend a day,  in the company of friends, by the side of the water bank  in our wonderful British countryside!

Owing to the Covid19 Pandemic The Angling Trust have issued a guide, please use this link to check the requirements. To ensure that we get the Pandemic under control it is essential that we all follow the guidelines and stay safe. Please see Upcoming Events for our meeting schedule.

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Having been a member of St Michael Fly Fishers for over 15 years it has been a joy to be amongst other passionate like minded fishermen who believe in a good sporting spirit and camaraderie."

Joe Tufo


"I have been a member of St Michaels Fly Fishers for over 10 years & at present have the honour of being the clubs Treasurer. I have learned much over the years due to the vast knowledge of the members & hope to learn more in the coming years."

Kevin Doherty

"SMFF have provided me with over 20 years of quality fishing and quality friendship. The outings, whether the regular trout or the occasional sea fishing expedition, never fail to come up trumps on both scores."

Michael Stephens


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