A Premier UK Club

Founded in 1987

What Our Members Say About Us


“Having been a member of St Michael Fly Fishers for over 15 years it has been a joy to be amongst other passionate like minded fishermen who believe in a good sporting spirit and camaraderie."

Joe Tufo



"I have been a member of St Michaels Fly Fishers for over 10 years & at present have the honour of being the clubs Treasurer. I have learned much over the years due to the vast knowledge of the members & hope to learn more in the coming years."

Kevin Doherty



"SMFF have provided me with over 20 years of quality fishing and quality friendship. The outings, whether the regular trout or the occasional sea fishing expedition, never fail to come up trumps on both scores."

Michael Stephens



"As a supplier to Marks and Spencer I was invited to join the club more than 20 years ago. My very first outing was to Avington, and I turned up wearing new trousers, new jacket etc, not quite sure what to expect. Apart from being over dressed what I found was a bunch of guys, some from senior management, and even the Directors chauffeur, all of whom made me so welcome I immediately felt among friends. That feeling continues even today, and I have had some amazing times with the club.  I have been privileged to be their Chairman, and Hon Secretary, now for second time."        

Michael Littlestone 



"I have been a member of the St Michael Fly Fishers for over 25 years , in which time I have enjoyed fishing with other committed anglers and over many years I have learnt a great deal from their generosity in sharing both their knowledge and in many cases their fly’s. This is a club that has embedded in it's DNA a real sense of camaraderie. "

George Wilding