A Premier UK Club

Founded in 1987

Message from our Chair

Having been recently appointed to succeed Geoff Brooks as chairman of St Michael Fly Fishers it firstly falls upon me, on behalf of both existing and future members, to sincerely  thank Geoff for all the  time, thought and effort that he unselfishly dedicates towards both securing the clubs future, and ensuring that ALL members remain valued as an integral part of the club. There is absolutely no doubt that whilst as members, our future efforts and suggestions will continue to forward the club, we start off from a strong and bright perspective as a direct result of Geoff¹s unstinting  input  ­ Thank you Geoff, we [and particularly I] are very assured in the knowledge that you remain our club president !


As new chairman, having recently sat at the head of the committee for our first meeting, it is immediately apparent that the club is blessed with a dedicated and passionate committee and group of core members that have all hugely contributed towards the club in the past, and it must be hoped,  will see fit to continue to do so into the future. Clearly we would not exist as a club for long without their continued and much appreciated efforts. 


Having been a member of the club for some five years, I feel confident in saying that all members regard SMFF not merely as a club, but as a band of good friends, a situation that we will strive to ensure, continues long into the future. Looking forward, it is clear that the future, not only of SMFF,  but of the sport of game fishing as a whole in this country very much depends upon the sports ability to actively engage budding young anglers onto the bank. As a club, SMFF recognise this, and following Geoff¹s lead,  we commit to actively playing a part in recruiting new anglers, not only with a view to attaining new members ourselves, but by generally introducing those, perhaps hitherto, unsighted people, into our fine sport. After all what better way to spend a day,  in the company of friends, by the side of the water bank  in our wonderful British countryside!


Looking forward very much to the coming season and indeed the future of SMFF.  Here's to yet more fine days out.


Kindest Regards, 


Vic Holloway