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Founded in 1987

4 June 2021


Dear All,


The following have previously advised they would be attending, and paid a deposit.

Messrs Bateman, Bloom, Broome, Burdett, Burgess, Butler, Fulton, Haskins, Holloway, Littlestone, Maguire, Martin, Sahami, Tom Smith, and Tufo. In addition Lynda Foster is coming with Dave Brome.


As I need to confirm breakfast numbers please only let me know if you are now not able to attend.

If you are not on the list, and would like to come let me know ASAP. We do need a minimum of  20 as we have booked the fishery for our exclusive use. 


Once I know the final numbers I will do the pairings, and send to you, as well as Tom's list showing what is owed by everyone. Once again payment by BACS is appreciated, or by cheque to Tom.


The arrangements are meet at The Crown in Kings Somborne at 8am for a full English breakfast, then up the hill to the fishery.

Cost for the day £65 for a 4 fish ticket, and breakfast. We will aim to start fishing by 9.15. There will be 4 moves of 35 minutes during the morning which will take us up till 11.35 then free roaming till we break for lunch at 1pm. By that time, and going on previous experience I would expect many to have bagged up. Free roaming after lunch if you still have fish to catch.


The John Fuller Trophy will be awarded to the pair with the heaviest combined weight. A prize for the best individual weight,  one for the biggest fish, and another for the secret weight. We will be having the lucky raffle draw with a Day Ticket to John O Gaunt, £30 towards your days costs, a day at Farmoor with boat, and two 6 fish tickets worth £70, and a couple of bottles of wine. If you want to take part in the raffle please add £5 to your payment.


We send our best wishes to Carl who is having an operation next week, we wish him a speedy recovery, and to Colin Mann who is awaiting his MRI scan, and is unable to walk, or drive at the moment. We hope to see them both later on in the season fit, and well.


I look forward to either hearing from you, or seeing you at John O Gaunt.


Kind Regards, and Tight Lines



3 June 2021


Dear All,


Croxley Green Flyfishers have 3 or 4 spaces available at the above fishery next Wednesday 9th June.

Peter Burdett, Geoff Brooks, Myself, and all being well Carl Bolding will be going.


They have exclusive use of the fishery. Cost is £45 for a 4 fish ticket, if you would like to go please let me know, and I will send you the details.


Details for our outing to John O Gaunt for the pairs competition on Sat 12 June will be emailed this weekend. I am pleased to say we will be having breakfast at The Crown.


Kind Regards



10 May 2021


Would all members paying into the club account via BACS please use a reference so that Tom can recognise who it is. He suggests your initials plus the venue. For instance if its Tom Smith for Lakedown it would be TSLAKEDOWN. He is receiving payments he can't relate to members which is causing some confusion.


Thanks for your cooperation.


8 May 2021

Dear All,


As of this morning we have 18 members attending Lakedown next Saturday. Cost for the day £45 for a 4 fish ticket, breakfast roll tea, and coffee, afternoon tea, and cakes.

We will be having the lucky draw raffle, and if you would like to participate please add £5 to your remittance.

If for any reason you are unable to attend please let me know ASAP as I have to confirm numbers for catering, and if you are not on the list but would like to come let me know.


We have exclusive use of lakes 1, and 2 these being closest to the lodge.


Meet at the fishery at 8am, as you drive down the lane there is a sign saying no vehicles past this point, however if we don’t experience a lot of heavy rain over the next few days its OK to carry on down,and park on the grass by the lodge. Tackle up, and egg and bacon roll tea, coffee will be available outside the lodge.


Fishery Rules. Single fly only maximum size 10. Its a 4 fish ticket, all fish to be killed, no catch, and release.HOWEVER THERE ARE SOME WILD BROWN TROUT ON LAKE 1 MUCH SMALLER THAN THE NORMAL STOCKIES, THESE MUST BE CAREFULLY RELEASED AND RETURNED.


Bring your own lunch we will break for this at 1pm.

There will be prizes for the best bag, biggest fish, and secret weight, and the raffle, day ticket for Lakedown, £30 towards your days costs, and a few bottles. I will be your Day Captain.


Lakedown Trout Fishery - Swife Lane, Burwash, East Sussex TN21 8UX.  Tel: 01435 883449





A lot of support for this one 8 boats incl the wheely booked, and confirmed.

Will email those attending during next week with the final details, and payment required 


Tight Lines, and look forward to seeing you at Lakedown, and or Farmoor